Comme un bandit

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This trend always comes back. And this time, I plan to collect soft and worn bandanas to make myself a big quilt scarf with them. You can easily find them in thrift stores and use it as neckerchief or you can choose the overall like the vest or shirt below.  Use your imagination and I’m sure you will find a nice way to enhance your outfit!

blue-neck black_neck red_head martin_red hand_red style_neck louis_blue martin_blue chinese_blue zara_blue neck_WB scarf_black


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Stitched Illustrations with Izziyana Suhaimi

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izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage0 Singapore artist Izziyana Suhaimi is simply an embroidery prodigy. She embellishes each of her delicate watercolour paintings with intricate embroidery details. As she states on her website, she is interested in the “craft-based techniques” and the “evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass-production centred age of today.” We love very much her work and hope it’ll inspire you too!

izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage1 (1)   izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage2 (1) izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage1 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage2 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage3 (1) izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage3    izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage4 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage5 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage5 (1) izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage4 (1)    izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage6   izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage8 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage9 izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage7 (1) izziyana-suhaimi_art_boatpeoplevintage6 (1)

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