Nature estates

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cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage01 If you live in a metropolitan area, once in a while you probably feel the need to reconnect with nature.. it can be just to see some green and enjoy the silence. Some people find nice ways to create little healing places by building amazing cabins in the woods. Take a look at my inspirations, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage02 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage03 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage04 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage05 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage06 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage07 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage08 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage09 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage10 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage11 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage12 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage13 cabin_love_boatpeoplevintage14

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Design crush: Plumen light bulbs

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Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage01 In an absolute world, beauty and functionality coexist in harmony within each product we create. For me, Plumen‘s 001 light bulb is the perfect product: each bulb saves up to 80% on energy bills and lasts 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. Just that should be enough to convince anyone to switch to energy efficient bulbs.. but the 001 is also incredibly stylish and affordable.

Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage02 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage04 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage06 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage07 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage08 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage09 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage10 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage11    Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage13 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage14 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage15 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage16 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage17 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage18 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage19 Plumen_001_boatpeoplevintage20


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