Isaac & Florence’s wabi-sabi apartment

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wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage05 Isaac and Florence’s apartment in Montreal is one of kind little den. Truthful to the wabi-sabi aesthetics, most of the furniture is recycled or repurposed and the imperfections are cherished rather than hidden, giving the place so much of its character and uniqueness. Coming through Montreal this summer? Isaac and Florence’s place is up for rent!

wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage07 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage08 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage11    wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage06 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage13 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage14    wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage09 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage03 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage01 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage04    wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage10   wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage15      wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage02 wabi-sabi-apartment_boatpeoplevintage12 wabi-sabi_apartment_boatpeoplevintage


Photos by Celia Spenard-ko

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Spring drink: Jasmine Lavender Latte

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jasmine-lavender-latte_Boatpeoplevintage05 If you follow us regularly, you probably know by now that I’m pretty obsessed with lavender. I can’t help it, it just agrees too well with my palate. Put aside that harmony, nothing better than an herbal drink to celebrate the arrival of spring! Drank warm or cold, the Jasmine Lavender Latte is just exquisite!


  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice
  • 1 tbs jasmine tea (loose pearls)
  • 2 tbs lavender buds
  • sweetener of your choice

Makes one large cup or two small ones to be shared with a friend ♥

jasmine-lavender-latte_Boatpeoplevintage06 Heat the water bringing it just to a boil. Avoid overheating the water because it will burn the leaves (bitter taste) instead of infusing them.

jasmine-lavender-latte_Boatpeoplevintage01 In a tea infuser, add the jasmine and the lavender and dunk in hot water for about 3-4 min. If some leaves come out of the infuser, you can use a strainer to get rid of them.

jasmine-lavender-latte_Boatpeoplevintage03 Warm up milk and pour into the infused water. If you missed it, check out Ari’s DIY Latte Art video. It’s full of great tips!

jasmine-lavender-latte_Boatpeoplevintage04 Sweetened to taste and voilà!


Photos and concoction by Esthera Preda

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