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Boat People [Vintage & DIY] put together something specials for you, yes… YOU!  A very unique handmade giveaway featuring some of the most precious and adorable products made in Québec, Canada.  To thank you for your continuous support, we will be drawing one of the comments bellow on june 6th and the lucky gal (or guy) will receive this beautiful package of handmade products.  Please like Cabane K’s Facebook page to see more of their beautiful creations!

To participate:

1.  Comment this post bellow, we’d love to know what your plans for the summer are?

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3.  You reallllyyy want this?  Share our Facebook post on your wall to have one more chance to win!!!

This is what you get:


Don’t forget to comment, like and share!!!!  good luck everybody !!  Ari, Mel, June and Esthé.


  1. This summer I will try to not get as much sunburns as I used to last summer. I’ll try some cool DIYs and go swimming in EVERY lake or river I see :)

  2. Unfortunately, I have no holyday this summer, so the plan is basically to work work work… but yet I will find some time during week-ends to ride my bicycle through the roads of the province :)

  3. My summer plans are to learn to use my new camera, discover the new neighbourhood I just moved to and work hard until my vaaacaaaation!

    Ps. All this in my new Boat People Boutique vintage romper.

  4. Summer plans are to go camping as much as possible. Enjoy the heat. Drink some Mojitos. Enjoy friends. Be outside as much as possible!

  5. Thank you for this giveaway! I hope to be lucky :)
    My summer plans is work, work, work but also travelling around Québec with my parents and enjoying the sun :)

  6. This summer, I will read in a park, I will do some ride in scooter with my friends, but especially I will continue to discover new talented artists like you by visiting artistic fairs.

  7. Fernet branca, jefferson airplane and portuguese chicken are attended in my yard. I thought about inviting some of my friends’ kitty cats over. + a pool or beach a day will keep the blues away !

  8. my summer plans are to build a yurt in our back pasture and grow as much food in our little garden as we can to put up for next winter. i also plan on spending every free moment in swimming in the pond :)

  9. Mes plans d’été? J’en ai tellement! J’ai passé l’hiver à faire des croquis de meubles, des croquis de toiles à réaliser et à mettre des bookmarks sur mes DIY préférés!

  10. This summer I’m probably going to be very busy prepping for the standardized tests i have to take in my junior year, but besides that torture I hope to go camping with my family, and just enjoy my time with my friends. Summer is going to go by so fast.

  11. Faut-il commenter sur le blog, les 2 ??? Dans le doute, les 2! hihihi Donc les plans pour l’été : un voyage en France, retour aux sources et du bon temps en famille! Les cadeaux que vous proposez ont l’air vraiment cool! Merci pour le « giveaway »

  12. This summer i’m planning on wearing cute summer dresses and watch the fireworks in Montreal every saturday night. Yay summer !!

  13. Je vais profiter de l’été en:

    -faisant des roadtrip avec mon amoureux
    – m’amuser avec les amis jusqu’à ce que le jour se lève
    -manger de la bouffe ayant cuit sur un feu,
    -cueillir des fruits, des champignons et des fleurs,
    -voir plein de shows tous meilleurs un que les autres

    et respirer l’air chaud !

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