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3 DIY statement beanies for fall!


In Québec City, where Boat People Vintage is from, winter is indubitably on it’s way.  In order to feel better about the cold season ahead, and to keep my idea container warm (wink), here are three suggestions of DIY beanie designs I hope you’ll give a try!  So here it is;  the Rhinestone Beanie, the Message Beanie and The Veiled Beanie, which is inspired by one of my favorite designer, Jil Sander.  I’d love to know which is your favorite?  Show us your creations on Instagram @boatpeoplevintage :)

Veiled Beanie material:

  • 1m tulle (veil)
  • Rhinestone

Message Beanie material:

  • Iron-on letters

Rhinestone Beanie material:

  • Assorted sew-on rhinestones
  • fabric glue
  • tiny fabric for backing
  • Thread and needle

Ari’s tips:

For the Message Beanie, go ahead and personalize the word!!!  Here are a couple of short word suggestions: BAD – YEAH – DEAD – BOSS – BOY – BRAIN – FOX – VNTG – GEEK – DIY    In any project, I suggest you try to use thrifted material, in this case, a thrifted or used beanie will do fine!  It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly!  Have fun with the project and have a great winter! xo Ari

Watch the video:


boatpeoplevintage_DIY-rhinestones-beanie_web-6boatpeoplevintage_DIY-rhinestones-beanie_webboatpeoplevintage_DIY-rhinestones-beanie_web-5 boatpeoplevintage_DIY-message-beanie_web-3 boatpeoplevintage_DIY-message-beanie_web-2   boatpeoplevintage_DIY-veil-beanie_web boatpeoplevintage_DIY-veil-beanie_web-7 boatpeoplevintage_DIY-veil-beanie_web-10 boatpeoplevintage_DIY-veil-beanie_web-11

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