DIY - Do It Yourself!

Bed flare

After moving everything I had in my old place into this new loft, I thought my bed just didn’t look right in that new environment. It didn’t take too long to realize why.. this new place consists of a huge open space with high ceilings, so you can imagine how hard it is to decorate a bedroom, an office and a kitchen all at the same time. It needed some sort or separation somewhere, so I figured that a bed net should get the job done, at least for now. Below you can take a look at how I did mine. Because I didn’t have a real net, I just gave a second life to some old curtains that I hung on my slanted ceiling with garden rope and little hooks. You can get creative and use them pretty much anywhere.. over a bed, a chair, a hammock, under a tree in your backyard, inside, outside.. you can even add flare to it by adding lights ..really, possibilities are infinite and results guaranteed to be dreamy!



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