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Brain + Colors = Color Coding

color_coded_book_shelf_boatpeoplevintage My interest in color coding started when I had to go through four rather large book shelves, (overly) full of unorganized books. At first, I thought the color coding would serve a decorative purpose only but shortly I realized that color coding does work as an efficient classification system! Now when I’m looking for a particular book, I instantly picture the colored cover in my head. Book shelves and closets are probably the easiest elements to color code but you can use this technique anywhere.. in the kitchen, the office, the bathroom etc.

color_coded_bookshelf_boatpeoplevintage1 color_coded_bookshelf_boatpeoplevintage2 color_coded_spoons_boatpeoplevintagewhite_color_coding_boatpeoplevintage3color_coded_wardrobe_boatpeoplevintageSource here, here, here, here, here

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