Building a Tipi with Roxy

It’s with great excitement that I joined Boat People’s contributor June Bhongjan and Roxy’s very own Amber Stackhouse in their tipi building endeavor. The 12ft giant took us a full day to paint and another to set up. If you’re planning on building your own this summer, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you follow the instructions (you can download the instructional pdf we used here) By the way, you can fully live in a tipi, all year long. Just saying. Thanks again to all High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s little helpers who came out and gave a hand!  Follow the blog for the full post, this is just a peep on the DIY project :)


  1. Hello,

    Wow the tipi is great I really like the finished look! I’ve tried clicking on the « here » link to the pdf instructions but it keeps giving me and error. I think the link is broken, could you please repost the link?

    Thank you!


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