Decor crush: The Peacock chair

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peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage08 Peacock chairs have been part of my life since I was a little child and to see them now all over the web brings back more memories than ever. I especially love the modern pastel ones.. So colourful and summery!


peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage06 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage02 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage01 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage05      peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage10 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage09 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage07 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage11    peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage04 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage03

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