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DIY bleached aztek denim shorts


Being sponsored by is awesome, it gives me opportunities to explore new DIY products, such as the Pebeo SetaSkrib fabric markers.  They work magnificiently, giving you plenty of room to let your creativity loose.  This time I explored the DIY bleach technique + aztec denim short.  New to bleaching?  It’s soooo easy!  Follow the simple steps to create your own style :)

Material needed:

  • 1-2 liters of bleach water
  • Thrifted, cut-off denim
  • Pebeo Seta Skribe fabric marker
  • Use this pattern or create your own!

Watch the video tutorial:


Step by step:

boatpeoplevintage_diy-bleached-denim_aztek_web-5   boatpeoplevintage_diy-bleached-denim_aztek_web-11 boatpeoplevintage_diy-bleached-denim_aztek_web

The look:

American Apparel Unisex Tee

Vintage denim shorts

Song by Mathematique

Video shot by Esthera Preda


  1. Hi! I’m opening a new blog but I can »t decide what template and platform to use… Please, could you say me if this blog is of blogger, wordpress… i would be very grateful with that information :)

    Oh, and your blog is amaaaazing! Thanks for all this perfecct posts that inspire me everyday a lot!

  2. I love these and I think I’ll try them! Does the fabric pen fade after use and washes? And also in other bleaching tutorials people have used half water, half bleach. What difference does that make?

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