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DIY Botanical Wall

flower wall1
Ever since Ari showed me this floral installation from Front Projects, I was immediately inspired to have a 3D floral wallpaper of my own.  It maybe a little much to have one permanently installed in my bedroom and what not, so the idea passed for several months.  When my sister asked how I’d like her to decorate my birthday dinner party, lo and behold, the image of this beautiful hanging flower backdrop came to my mind.

tensta_flower_wallpaperflower_wall6Thanks to Boxed Heart Events  I had the perfect celebration surrounded by amazing humans and a sweet scented ambiance to enjoy it in!  Box Heart Events was so kind enough to share their DIY tips on recreating this floral masterpiece!



  • Scissors
  • 60- 70 flowers (depending on the wall space you’d like to cover)
  • Twine (or colorful bakers twine)
  • Pruning shears (to cut stems)
  • Nails/ thumbtacks

flower-marketFor those who live in the Los Angeles area you’ll have the benefit of visiting the Los Angeles Flower Market where vendors open as early as 5am and five sunflowers sell for three bucks and more exotic rare color flowers for ten.  The peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus were my favorite.  And of course we ended up leaving with way more flowers than needed.

flowersInstead of using fresh cut flowers, of course silk flowers can be used for permanent installations.

flower_wall3 Use twine to tie a knot on the bottom of each stem.  Wrap the twine around the stem a few times and secure with a second knot.

tulips and daisiesRemember the blooms of the flowers will be pointing down because of the weight.  If you want them right side up, we suggest using single bloom flowers like tulips and daisies versus hyacinths and hydrangeas.

flower_wall4 flower_wall5 Repeat until you have a garland that is as long as the wall you would like to cover.  We used the garlands to cover a large window, so we simply tied the twine around a curtain rod.  If decorating a wall, use thumbtacks or nails to secure each garland.  Repeat making enough garlands to cover the entire wall.  Freshen up flowers with spray bottle if needed.

flower_wall7 Dessert table by Boxed Heart Events 

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