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DIY cat tipi!!!


If you are a cat lover like we are at BPV, good are the chances you are going to love this!  The cat tipi is a simple DIY project for your sweet kitty.  You’ll need one yard of fabric and 5 sticks of wood you can find outside or buy from the hardware store!  So far my cat love’s it, but I didn’t get a chance to grab a picture of him in it!!!  I’ll try to update as soon as possible :)  Enjoy!  Ari xo

Material needed:

  • 1 yard fabric
  • 5 sticks of 2″ 1/2 each
  • 2′ of leather cord
  • one safety pin
  • one cushion

Ari’s tip!

Before cutting your fabric, measure the length of your structure from the ground to the leather cord, this is the length of the fabric you’ll need :)

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  1. Just made this for my little Lola using an old tablecloth my nana crocheted and she adores it! Lola that is. She won’t keep out! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

  2. This is adorable! How do you keep it stable? I have slick wood floors and seems like the poles may not stay in tact if she touches the sides when getting in and out. She likes to hide and play and can be a little rambunctious!

    1. You could put little rubber cups on the bottom of each pole. That’s what I am going to do. You wouldn’t be able to see them as they would be under the fabric.

  3. Love this idea – I will be making two if these to put in my dining room which is Native American and Wolf themed – our 4 furry buddies will love these

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