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DIY cinder block garden


I went on a dumpster diving mission last week-end and I found two vintage cinder blocks that I managed to carry back home.  Why?  To create a tiny alpine garden with it.  It’s pretty simple and gives a very unique look to your yard.  You can pile them up in disorganized ways to create texture, and can make a green wall between you and your neighbor.  Have fun with it and show us how yours turned out on Instagram #boatpeoplevintage xo Ari

Material needed:

  • Cinder blocks
  • Succulents and alpine plants that live well in chalky soil.
  • Enriched potting soil


  1. Start by piling or laying your blocks where you want them, once the flowers and soil is potted, it’s harder to carry around :)
  2. Organize your plants so their heights and colors create a nice pattern
  3. Add soil to the bottom of the holes
  4. Remove pot from your plant and untangle the roots if they are bounded
  5. Re-pot your plants and add soil, gently pressing it down to hold it in place.
  6. Water well and admire your work :)

boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-2 boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-5boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-4boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-6boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-8boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-7

Final result with happy cat:

boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-21 boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-14 boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-11 boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-10         boatpeoplevintage_cinder-block-garden_web-13


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