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DIY clear/solid lunch bag/handbag

This lunch bag turned handbag project is inspired by Jil Sander FW12 leather lunch bag designs.  I love the idea of recreating the classic folded paper bag in a high end accessory, but here at Boat People, nothing’s high end except ideas, and everything is handmade and affordable.  So I designed my own version of the paper lunch bag from a clear plastic PU.  I loved the final result so much I decided to keep it an everyday handbag instead of just a lunch bag.  You can also do the same with pleather, which gives it more of a winter look.  Hope you like the tutorial, and tell me, would you use it more as a lunch bag or a purse?  xo Ari

Material needed:

  • 95 cm x 41 cm of either leather, pleather or transparent PU (the same your mom used to protect her wood table
  • Epoxy glue and tooth picks
  • Ruler
  • Sand paper
  • Pen, cardboard, scissors

Start by cutting off a 95 cm x 41 cm rectangle in your material

With sand paper, roughen 2 cm wide all along the 41 cm extremity (one side top and one side bottom) so the epoxy glue with catch well.  Fold your rectangle on the width like on the following image, juxtaposing your roughen sides together.  This will make a 42,5 x 41 cm rectangle.

Grab your epoxy glue (and with a toothpick or popsicle stick)  softly spread the glue all along one side of the 41 cm extremity

Gently glue both sides together making sure everything stays in place.  Be careful this glue dries in 5 to 10 minutes.

While the glue dries, cut a 30 cm x 11 cm rectangle out of a cardboard.  This will help you finish the bottom of the bag. 

Once the glue is dry and you recovered from the epoxy fumes (it’s pretty toxic), squeeze the cardboard in, insert it 7 cm deep into the bag.

Cut the four sides of the bag so you are able to fold them together.  The last part is pretty simple,  it’s just like a making a gift warp.

Start by roughening the edges with the sand paper, then with the epoxy, fix the four panels together, like you would with a wrapping paper.  The cardboard will help you keep everything in place and give the bag it’s shape, but you don’t want to keep it there, so be careful not to glue it :)




  1. I am going to make this and use it to store my pencils, because I am going to art school pretty soon, and I think this would look amazing as an etui (so I will make a slight smaller version), really pretty!

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