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DIY customized iPhone case

Hey guys!!  If you are the owner of an iPhone or an iPod, this tutorial is for you.  Simple and super creative, the customized iPhone case is very cheap (5$ or less) and opens a world of possibilities where you’ll let your creativity loose.  I couldn’t suggest only one design so I prepared a bunch of styles to show you how fun this project is.  You need:

Of course I invite you to let your imagination do the work and create your very own design.  I did a black and white geoblock pattern, which turned out pretty good.  I’m the living proof that you don’t need to be a graduated artist to customize your case :)

Hope you like this project, as I told, you can also do this project for an iPhone 3 or iPod, just browse Ebay for clear cases and you’ll be all set.  Merry crafting :)


  1. Very good tips! do you know a way of preventing the fabric from moving? (making it permanent)?
    I thought of using Fabric fusion peel&stick, what do you think about that?
    tnx!! :)

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