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DIY dreamcatcher 3 ways

Originaly from the 1960s, the dreamcatcher was adopted by the first nations people as a symbol of unity between the different tribes of the American indian culture.  Now popularized worldwide as a trendy accessory, we tend to forget about the meaning of the dreamcatcher.  Formely made of willow and strand, it was hung above the bed as a charm to protect sleeping people from nightmares. Nightmares would pass through the holes and out of the window and the good dreams would stay trapped in the web, and then slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.

I made dreamcatchers when I was a kid because I lived just few block away from a native american village, and I just felt I wanted to re-create this traditional art again.  Today I present three ways of creating stylish and non-traditionnal dreamcatchers.  Enjoy the video and I wish you the prettiest dreams. xo Ari

Material needed (all available at

  • Faux suede cord
  • Assorted feathers
  • Metal ring (or you can bend a twig into a circle or teardrop shape)
  • Waxed cord
  • Cutters
  • Metal wire
  • Gems and beads


  1. Hi! I wanted to make these for some friends for Christmas, so could you tell me the exact size of your metal ring, including how thin it is? It would be really helpful. Thank you for posting such a great DIY!

    1. Hello! You can pick pretty much any size you want, really! You can use a bangle bracelet for a tiny one, or a embroidery ring for a bigger one. I made a couple myself, the ones showed in the video are 14 cm wide (diameter)

  2. i really want to make a dream catcher, do you think it’s possible to get all the required materials in this video from the arts & crafts store Michael’s?

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