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DIY embellished sunnies



Give your sunglasses a fresh look with flowers and pearls and chains!  Simple and very quick to create, you’ll find most of the material at your local crafts store or online at .  Check out our embellished sunnies inspiration post for more ideas on how to make your shades look swell for the season!  I personally loooove the tiki look but couldn’t find the ornaments to succeed the look.  Let us know how yours turn out on Instagram @arianeski #boatpeoplevintage or by email at our info email address!  :)  xo Ari

Material needed:

  • Silk daisies or other tiny scrapbooking flowers – available here
  • Glue gun
  • Chain, pearls and other ornaments

Watch the video tutorial:

Special thanks to the band Ponctuation for the song, which is available for free here!


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