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DIY galaxy mani

galxynails_2Start the new year with beautiful nails and try this galaxy manicure! It’s surprisingly easy to achieve and the results will leave your friends wondering where you got your nails done. This is what you’ll need:

  • Black, blue, pink, gold, white and clear glitter nail polish
  • A tiny sponge
  • A tooth pick
  • A little piece of cardboard (as a pallet)



galaxynails1 galaxynails2 Start off my applying a black coat. Let dry.

galaxynails3 Using the sponge, add thin, random, layers of each remaining colors. Let dry.

galaxynails6    galxynail7 galxynail8 Add a clear glitter coat to add some sparkle, let dry.

galxynail9 Using the toothpick and the white polish, make little dot stars of various sizes. Let dry once and for all, and tada!

galxynails_5 galxynails_4  


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