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DIY hand piece – part II of our DIY chain accessories series

Keeping up with our DIY chain accessories series we launched in 2012, I’m pleased to publish this first DIY of the new year, the DIY chain hand-cuff.  We’ve seen tons of these across the web in the past year and I have worn mine from Uranium (give them love here) in a few videos.  After receiving tons of requests from Youtubers, here’s the « how-to » re-create this beautiful and unique style in 4 different designs yiiiiiikes.  Have fun :)

Material needed (all available at

Assorted chains

Jump rings (5 to 15)

Assorted cutters and pliers

Gems, rocks and charms

Enjoy the video :)


For the gem chain, use a jewellery nail and slip the head off.  You’ll have a plain metal piece on which you will slide the gems.  With round pliers, shape both ends of the nail in a loop and insert the chain of your hand piece on each end before closing the loop tight. Voilà

The built-in ring charm is super easy.  Slide a jump ring onto a basic ring you have at home, and ad to the jump ring the charm of your choice + the top hand chain.  Close the jump ring and follow the rest of the technique showed in the video to finish this design.




  1. I LOVE how yours turned out! :)
    This is my favorite accessory to make next to body chains & earcuffs!
    They’re really fabulous, I especially love the one with white gems <3

    Happy Crafting!

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