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DIY hanging stick mobile

Here’s a fun DIY for a rainy weekend: create your own natural hanging mobile. They’re fun to make because they leave lots of room for creativity as far as what can be hung to the branch. They remind me of dream catchers but more witchy looking. What do you guys think?

What you need:

  • A branch
  • (Faux) suede cord
  • Metal wire for jewelry making
  • Fishing rope
  • stones, crystals, charms or any other type of pendant

Here I used a mossy branch but I also tried this DIY with a smooth branch which I previously painted. (I wanted to incorporate our DIY sticks of color to this hanging branch project)

Start off by wrapping the metal wire around your pendants to create their hooks.

Then cut a piece of suede cord for each pendant. Attach a pendant to the end of each cord.

Attach the pendant cords to the branch and you’re pretty much done!

You can get creative and use anything from real stones, to sea shells, dried flowers, jewelry.. Adjust to your mood!

Now use the fishing rope and hook your mobile up!

You can use the extra stuff left and hang it in front of your window to create a romantic ambiance!

Photos by Esthera Preda



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