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DIY industrial coat rack

Need a new coat rack?  Follow these simple steps to make a crafty industrial influenced coat rack using vintage materials!  I found some old vintage yardsticks and hooks at my local salvage yard.  You can buy the hooks here  but the material should be easy to find at your local antique store.

Material needed:
4 vintage screw hooks
2 vintage yardsticks
3 screws (at least 2″)
Pencil, Drill & Measuring Tape


  1. Measure equal distance for where you want each hook to rest.  Mark it!  I made mine 3″ from the ends and 9.5″ in between each hook.
  2. Place one yardstick on top the other.  I do this because the screw hooks have long screws and it also give the  coat rack a little more support.  Now start manually screwing in the hooks!  Try to keep the back ruler aligned with the one on top.
  3. Once you finished screwing in all the hooks, use your drill to attach your new coat rack to the wall!  I drilled 2 screws at each end and one in the middle.


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