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DIY metallic circular (skater) skirt


I am super exited to present to you a fun sewing project for your summer vacations; the DIY circular, or skater skirt.  I tried to make this pattern the simplest possible so you can make your own skirt in less than an hour.  Mine costed 7$ including zipper and thread, that’s crazy cheap for such a fashionable piece right?  I chose to go for a show-off zipper because it’s a bit easier to create, but you can also make a regular hidden zip closure, you’ll find tons of tutorials on Youtube on how to sew a zipper.  If you hate the metallic fabric I picked, you can choose pretty much any midweight fabric and it will look awesome as well.

Material needed:

  • 1 meter of midweight fabric
  • 27 cm zipper
  • sewing machine
  • sewing material (thread, needles, scissors and measuring tape)

Size chart here

Ari’s tips:

  • Take your time when doing the maths, this will make your skirt fit properly and will prevent your from having to start over (like I did because I f*ck my overall length measurement the first time around aha)
  • Pin your zipper in place, it will be much easier to sew
  • I didn’t finish the bottom hem, if you wish, maybe add 1″ to the overall length (L)


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  1. Love the design but I was wondering how much you should fold in cm of the skirts while adding the zipper. Don’t know how much 5/8″ are and couldn’t find an answer on google.

  2. What is the width of the fabric you are using? I know you’re using one meter of fabric, but i’m wondering what the other dimension is. Thank you!

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