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DIY minimal box top – 3 ways

  boatpeoplevintage_diyboxtop_web-4-2   boatpeoplevintage_diyboxtop_web-11

My Tumblr has been invaded by scuptural and minimal fashion this fall.  Inspired by what I scrolls down before my eyes, I created this easy minimalist box top.  Inspired by the 2 minutes box top I made a couple of years ago (and my most popular video on YT!), here is a version more adapted to the current season.  Have fun!

Material needed:

  • 1 yard of fabric, I chose scuba fabric (softshell) and a woolen felt fabric because I didn’t have to finish the edges :)
  • Sewing material

 Watch the video tutorial:

BOATPEOPLEVINTAGE_MINIMALTOP_PATTERN_ boatpeoplevintage_diyboxtop_web-9-2boatpeoplevintage_diyboxtop_web-2-2boatpeoplevintage_diyboxtop_web-5-2


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