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DIY Moon phases jacket

In the past year, I developed an intense fascination for ..well.. astronomy, the Universe and the Solar System.  Being obsessed with all things related to space, I decided to draw, on my jacket, the phases of the moon during a 30 days period.  The project is simple, go ahead and try it and have a piece of our home satellite on your own clothes :)



  • Find a circular tool (compas or tiny shooter glass) to create the pattern (check the picture bellow)
  • Draw your own moon phases .. voilà!


Head to toe:

Plenty Humanwear Beanie

DIY circular scarf (see tutorial here)

Thrifted shirt

Thrifted bicolor monk shoes


  1. Oh my gosh! This is an amazing idea and I would totally do this but then if I wore this during my earth science regents some people behind me would just have to look at my back to see the correct order for the phases of the moon. Then I would basically give them the answers :(.

  2. This is so weird, because I was just thinking about getting a tattoo resembling the moon phases, and I come across this and your site! I love all the DIY projects you post, you’re an inspiration <3

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