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DIY origami skirt


Here is an experiment for a new origami skirt design. I wanted it to be a quick tutorial, no zipper involved, for the ladies who are not used to sewing much. You can start from this design and customize it to your taste, adding a waistline and a back zip closure for example. I’m wearing it today and it’s pretty comfy but the velcros made a hole in my tights :(  Please read the description box for full measurement details. Let me know how it turns out on instagram #boatpeoplevintage


For total tube circumference, take your hip circumference and add half of its circumference such as:


Ari’s tip:

– Pick a thick fabric if you want the velcro to work properly
– I was not able to hide the seams but if you can, it will look better
– You can use the same technique but sew a waistline and back zip if you don’t want to do the velcro version of it. It’s going to look better for sure!!

boatpeoplevintage_DIY_origami-skirt_Web-4 boatpeoplevintage_DIY_origami-skirt_Web-3  boatpeoplevintage_DIY_origami-skirt_Web

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