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DIY patchwork american flag


Inspired by the art of Sara Rahbar, this romantic patchwork is fun to create and will spice up your traditional 4th of july celebration.  At first I wanted to used only recycled fabric but I had lots of trouble finding scrap fabric that would fit together so I had to head over to the fabric store to purchase new one.  So if you are ready for this, grab your scissors and DIY:


5 different mix & matching fabric for the red stripes:  total 54 inches of each in 1.5 inches wide strips

5 different lace trims

10 x 14″ denim fabric

Thread, needles, scissors and sewing machine

This should make a 34 x 19 flag

boatpeopleboutique_americanflag_web-15 boatpeopleboutique_americanflag_web-4

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