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DIY patchwork denim – a Junya Watanabe inspiration


YAY!  A new DIY project to update your wardrobe for cheap!  Transform any old denim into a hobo chic favorite!  Just sew a couple of patches of fun matching fabrics to your jeans!  Show us your take on this Junya Watanabe inspired DIY on Instagram @boatpeoplevintage
and #boatpeoplevintage #justmakeit

Material needed
  • old loose denim
  • a couple of assorted fabrics
  • hand sewing material
Ari’s tips:
Pick assorted prints and patterns that share a same color palette!  You can hand sew the patches to your denim, and you can also glue them for a longer lasting design!

boatpeoplevintage_diy-patchworkdenim_web   boatpeoplevintage_diy-patchworkdenim_web-3 boatpeoplevintage_diy-patchworkdenim_web-5   boatpeoplevintage_diy-patchworkdenim_web-4   boatpeoplevintage_diy-patchworkdenim_web-8

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