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DIY quilted laptop sleeve (or clutch)


I’ve been kind of obsessed with quilted fabric lately and when I went to visit my friends at Plenty last week, I grabbed a couple of yards of quilt fabric they had left from production.  My first project with the fabric is this fun and easy sewing back to school accessory;  the quilted laptop sleeve.  It’s also totally usable as a clutch, so it’s basicaly a two in one item!  The most expensive part of the project was the zipper because I wanted a gold metalic zip, but you could go for a basic plastic or brass zip for 3-4$.


  • One yard of quilted fabric
  • one yard of scrap fabric for lining (optional)
  • a 40-50 cm zipper (shorter if you have a 13″ laptop and longer if you have a 17″ laptop..)
  • sewing supplies (scissors, needles, measuring tape and sewing machine)

Ari’s tips:

Pick your zipper so it will be long enough to run from side to side, no just the top part of your bag.  It will make it easier to slip your laptop in the bag that way.  If you are not sure about the assembly process, you can always make a « test-drive » with scrap fabric; pre-make the project with very cheap fabric so you can trouble shoot the problems before they happen with your real fabric :)  Enjoy xo Ari


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