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DIY safety pin fair isle sweater

Inspired by a FW12 Mochino safety pin sweater, here’s a beautiful project to keep your hands busy during the holidays.  The fair isle sweater, a seasonal classic is here re-visited in an edgy way.  Super cheap and easy to replicate, download the pattern bellow, print it and start pinning :)

 Material needed:

  • A thrifted sweater
  • assorted safety pins (a pack of 100)
  • ruler and fabric chalk

click here to download the fair isle pattern

Video tutorial:




    1. It’s a very small planet indeed. I think I saw this picture as well (the sweater on the right) a while ago but I didn’t know it was a DIY, a thought it was another Moschino sweater!? lol :) I’m surprised we were not 1000 bloggers to have this idea, it’s so simple!

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