DIY - Do It Yourself!

DIY studded bracelet with tassel ✝

Dear readers & DIYers, this week’s project is the DIY stud bracelet, a simple and cheap project you can do for yourself or for a friend as a present.  It can jazz-up any romantic or  grungy outfit and will have your friends say OMG ;)  I cut-out the leather strips from a thrifted pair of leather pants (very easy to find in any thrift store, and cheap because no body wants wide leather pants anymore) … (well, exept me, and you!)   If you don’t want to DIY your own leather strips, you can buy it online here at DeSerres.  The leather band is also from a leather pant, and I always try to recycle everything when creating a design.  Enjoy guys xo Ari

Material needed:

A special thank you to Dresden Dresses (aka Antoine Lahaie) for sharing his music with us.  Pretty appropriate synth goth vibes don’t you think?

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