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DIY studded collar

Today I did something you never saw before.. a studed collar!  Wooh I’m kidding.  Studs detailing have been around for a while and I am very not sick of it.  I even bought a full bag of assorted studs a few months ago…. and kind of lost it through my everyday, vintage-store-owner-mess.  But, coming from beyond the grave, the tiny bag full of studs appeared to me this morning while I was vacuuming (yes I do that sometimes).  So I put my DIY game on and I studded the hell out if this vintage shirt.  If you never tried it before, it’s actually very easy and fun to do.  Plus it’s super creative too!!!

If you wonder, like my friend did, where to find studs, I suggest you buy them here if you are in Québec, here if you are in Montreal, and for the rest of the universe, buy your studs online here.  Enjoy!  xo Ari


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