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DIY studded denim vest ✝

As promised earlier this summer, here is the simple procedure to revive an old denim vest or jacket. It’s actually a pretty self explanatory project, but still, I’ll give you some tips so you can be well prepared before you embark on this endeavor.

What you need:

  • A denim jacket or vest
  • Studs, via Studs and Spikes
  • An old tshirt with print (or embroidered or iron patches)
  • A leather hole punch (or a nail and a hammer) if using screw spikes

Depending on your design, start with your patch first so once it’s sewed on it’ll be easier to place your studs.

I made mine squared but adjust to your own graphic.

Then place it over your vest and plan what you want to do.

Secure your work

Sewing time! If you’re not too comfortable using a sewing machine, check out Ari’s 101 guide to sewing. Super helpful for those who rarely use one and/or get frustrated when they try to! You could also hand sew, of course.

Now it’s time to put in the studs.

Tip: use a coin to fold the back flaps of each studs.

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