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DIY tribal necklace tutorial ✂

For this DIY project, I was inspired by the tribal and african trend.  Using embroidery thread, this wrap necklace technique is very easy and can be used for bracelets or hair braids as well… it gives you a blank canvas for you to let your creativity loose!  Pick your colors, create your own pattern and gooo crazy!  We do have seen a lot of tribal influenced jewels in the past year, but my main inspiration was from Holst + Lee collection, they have ridiculously amazing patterns and designs, check them out here!!!  I’m really happy of the way it turned out, plus, it’s my very first video published through the Thread Banger Network, THE DIY reference out there :)  Enjoy this tutorial guys, let me know what you think in the comments bellow!  xo Ari.

Video tutorial:


  1. Excellently made video! Thank you very much for listing the materials used and for the instructions! I’d love to make a bunch of these but will start with one. Thanks again. Nice music to go along with the video and I also liked the plate your threads were on :)

  2. wonderful MADE MY DAY. OFF TO MAKE ONE AT THIS MOMENT,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORT. I even liked the music,it was actually helpful:)

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