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DIY Watermelon shorts


If you are in the northern hemisphere, good are the chances you’ll find this colorful tutorial helpful :)  The DIY fabric dyeing technique shown for this watermelon short can be used with any fabric dye project your creative mind will think of :)  One useful trick before trying this for yourself;  the dye will fix best on 100% cotton fabric, or other natural fibers.  Synthetic fibers are water repellant, which means they will prevent the colored water (your dye) from penetrating the fabric.  I got my short at the thrift store and the dye kit at  Follow the steps and have a wonderful summer style :) xo Ari


  • Thrifted white shorts (100% cotton is the best.. 98% cotton will work as well)
  • Tulip Fabric Dye Kit – available online here
  • Pebeo SetaSkrib fabric Marker – available online here


Video tutorial: