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DIY Yoga Mat Strap – part 2 presented by Magic Carpet

boatpeoplevintage_diyyogastrap_webAs part 2 of our collaboration with Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, here is the Yoga Mat Strap. A few weeks ago, Ari showed you guys how to make a simple Yoga Mat Bag. This time, she takes an even more minimalistic route with this Yoga Mat Strap tutorial. You can use it to carry your yoga mat of course, but a picnic blanket would work as well :)


  • 2 meters of strap, belt, fabric or leather cord
  • 2 meters of embellishing ribbon or other trimming
  • sewing material

Ari’s tips:

You can use pretty much anything you have on hand. It can be a tiny leather cord on which you do a slip knot per example.


boatpeoplevintage_diyyogastrap_web-3boatpeoplevintage_diyyogastrap_web-4  boatpeoplevintage_diyyogastrap_web-5


  1. Hi, I saw your article on Pinterest and I immediately fell in love with your yoga mat. Please let me know where you got it because I’m obsessed!

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