Dream Havens: Indoor Hammocks

BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo3The internet (or maybe just our Pinterest?) seems to love never-ending summer culture pictures. If you’re from the frozen lands like us, you know how hard it can be to look at those when you’ve been going through several weeks of subzero temperatures. But hey, you don’t have to live close to the equator to get a little piece of paradise either. All you need is a little corner in your house, a hammock and tons of plants! xo

BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo0 BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo1 BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo2   BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo4 BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo5   BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo7 BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo8 BoatPeopleVintage_idoor_hammock_inspo9

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