Eye on designer Maryam Nassir Zahed


Maryam Nassir zahed opened her shop a few years ago, on the Lower East side, in New York City. I’m Completely in love with her work! Simple and classic silhouettes, Maghreb colors, without forgetting the wonderful shoes designed by Mari Giudicelli. You can find collections like Isabel Marrant, Christophe Lemaire or Jil Sander which are surrounded by many eclectic objects and memories from Maryam’s travel! Very inspiring place! You have to go! Meanwhile, a have a few pictures for you! ;) enjoy!

vert_maryam maryam_organza orange_maryam store_maryam gris_maryam red_maryam beige_maryam skirt_maryam bleu_maryam pants_maryam suede_maryam plissé_maryam lila_maryam shoes_maryam blanco_maryam denim_maryam 2_maryam sun_maryam vintage_maryam


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