Fade Into Color

I’ve been denying the fact that I’m totally into the rainbow hair craze.  Who am I to judge when my high school days were spent in beauty supply stores stocking up on Manic Panic.  I thought those days were over, until.. yep un-natural hair color is… not so un-natural anymore.
Updated by only dying the tips of your hair a wild color isn’t so bad, when you know you can always cut it off.  The dip dye rainbow colored hair has been popping up everywhere and I’m buying into it.
I even bought a bottle of Cotton candy pink hair dye.. Should I do it?
Here are some of my favorite colorful hair dos. Doesn’t it make you buy a bottle of
Mermaid Teal or Lavender?

Esthera (right) and I (left).


If color is not your thaang, try the natural ombre look. It’s the perfect alternative to brighten up your do for the warmer months. Ombre hair color is a gradual lightening of you hair- darker at the roots and very light at the ends and can be done in almost any color!
I ‘ve had reddish auburn hair for awhile and needed a change, but didn’t want to get rid of the red.
My resolution: Brighten up my reds and lighten up my ends.  I ended up coloring my hair myself, but I suggest going to a colorist to be safe.


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