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Guest Post // Coup de foudre: Iceland part 1

Iceland_NatashaCanin_Boatpeoplevintage5 How to make this post short but yet complete about Iceland? That was serious hard work and it took me more than a week to figure it out. There is so much to see and so much to do. Everything will take your breath away in this special place where extremes exist. Wonders of nature constantly emerge out from nowhere. It’s hard to believe that mother nature created all of it in the same place. Even more interesting is how people manage to live in a place governed by the force of nature’s caprices but yet still are the friendliest persons in the whole world. It’s an adventure of a lifetime. For all the adventurous hearts and nature lovers out there, you need to take a proper trip on the land where fire and ice coexist to realize how spectacular unspoiled nature can look, and how small you can feel surrounded by unrealistic reality. ‘’Iceland is not a destination, it’s an adventure. ‘’

Words and Photos by Y Jewelry‘s mastermind Natasha Canin. 

Iceland_NatashaCanin_BoatpeoplevintageIceland_NatashaCanin_Boatpeoplevintage3 Iceland_NatashaCanin_boatpeoplevintage2 Iceland_NatashaCanin_Boatpeoplevintage4

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