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How to: naturally infuse vodka

lemongrass infused vodka Last week I took a hand in infusing my own vodka. The results were better than I anticipated and the process was just too simple not to share with everyone here.  In a few days, you can have your own naturally flavored vodka for cocktails to come!

lavender Here are some helpful tips on how to infuse Vodka

•    Choose a good base to infuse your ingredients.  I used Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which has a nice smooth and clean taste with little burn.  If you’re experimenting with new ingredients, you can choose inexpensive vodka and filter it through a Brita filter for better tasting vodka.
•    Ingredients. For my lavender lemonade cocktail I picked some fresh Spanish lavender from my yard.  Although, English lavender is the preferred lavender of choice for cooking because of its sweet fragrance, Spanish lavender worked fine for me.  I used about 5 sprigs in a jar.  You can also find some dried lavender buds at Wholefoods or your local health food store.  Remember a little goes a long way.  Too much lavender can make it taste too bitter or taste like your eating perfume.  For the Thai Moscow Mule, I infused a jar of fresh cut Lemongrass  (muddled) and another jar of peeled and sliced ginger.  One thumb of ginger should be plenty unless you like a strong and spicy flavor.

lavender in jar •    Place you ingredients in a jar, add your choice vodka and tightly secure the lid.  Store your concoction in a dark place and give it a shake a couple times a day.  Strong flavors like orange and ginger only take 2-3 days to infuse, while milder flavors like cucumber, lemongrass, or berries take as long as a week.  Taste in a coupe days then strain when ready.

infused vodka Experiment with unusual flavors.  Jalepeno infused vodka would be a great in a bloody mary.  Try pairing flavors like strawberry and basil.  I also love herb infused vodka like cilantro, mint, rosemary and of course lavender!


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