Last minute, free Christmas tree DIY

Posted by on déc 22, 2015 in DIY - Do It Yourself! | 2 Comments


Every holiday season, I try not to buy a natural pine tree for Christmas.  Even if I love the look and smell, I always try to find a creative alternate to the natural tree.  This years I saw on Pinterest a cone shaped pile of books and I decided to create my own fake tree at home from my own library.  If you are like me and still are looking for a unique Christmas tree alternative for this year, try this one!  Just pile the books, starting from biggest in size and finish with the tiny ones on top.  I topped the tree with a Japanese fortune cat for good luck.

Ari’s tip:  if you can’t live without the fresh pine tree smell, just put a few drops of pine tree essential oil in boiling water and let evaporate.  It will fill your home with a delicate scent!  Let us know what your creative tree looks like on instagram #boatpeoplevintage #justmakeit :) xo

boatpeoplevintage_xmass-4 boatpeoplevintage_xmass-5 boatpeoplevintage_xmass-3     boatpeoplevintage_xmass

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  1. Jean-Louis
    22 décembre 2015

    Such a great idea.

    • Ari
      13 janvier 2016

      Thanks you dear !!!!


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