Babes on Board

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chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage15 This summer in Montreal, skateboarding seems to be the new thing for cool girls. I wish I could ride like them, with long hair, faded vans and attitude. It’s on my to do list for next summer. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare my board and make my own design. It’s easy! Just grab and old vintage board and add a primer over the old graphic. Once your base is dry, paint a nice pattern of your choice! And if after all this you realize skateboarding is not your thing, then at least you will have yourself a nice wall deco!

chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage01 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage14 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage07 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage06 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage11 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage09 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage13 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage02 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage12 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage04 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage08 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage17 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage05 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage16        chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage03 chicks_on_boards_boatpeoplevintage10


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Decor crush: The Peacock chair

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peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage08 Peacock chairs have been part of my life since I was a little child and to see them now all over the web brings back more memories than ever. I especially love the modern pastel ones.. So colourful and summery!


peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage06 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage02 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage01 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage05      peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage10 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage09 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage07 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage11    peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage04 peacock-chair-trend-boatpeoplevintage03

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