Heck yes turtlenecks

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Pour survivre aux changements graduels de température que Dame Nature nous fait subir, je propose le pull à col roulé.

 Vous avez peur à l’idée de le ramener dans votre garde-robe ? (On s’entend, on a tous gardé un mauvais souvenir du col roulé de notre enfance) Je vous garantie que cette fois-ci, ça vaut la peine! Jetez en coup d’œil à ce qui suit, en espérant que ça vous inspire autant que moi !  Alex


The turtleneck. This is what you’ll need to survive the cold temperatures Mother Nature is gradually bringing about.

Despite the fact that this infamous garment style might bring back bad memories from your 1st grade (it does for me!) I’ll guarantee you it is totally worth taking the risk. Take a look at what follows and hopefully it’ll inspire you to bring the turtleneck back in your life as much as it did with me! Alex








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Capture d’écran (375)

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Chunky Jewelry

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I always loved chunky jewelry. It remember me gypsy people who used raw and improbable material to create unique piece. I like the idea of wearing really simple clothes and and funky jewellery on it, I think it’s really sophisticate. here’s a bunch of pictures that keep ethnical aesthetic but twist it in a modern way. hope you’ll like it!

argent_cj black_cj navy_cj baby blue_cj glass_cj marni_cj favorite_cj maryam_cj dubai_cj white_cj pink_cj black_cj gold_cj silver_cj wood_cj


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