Just draw on it – by Camilla Engstrom

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Camilla Engstrom is the artist and designer behind a new Brooklyn brand called Hus Hus. Camilla uses white vintage clothes as canvas to create unique pieces with her ludic and humorous illustrations and embroidery.  It makes me want to do this with everything! Here are some pictures of her personal style and work! hope you’ll like it!

camilla_whiteshoes camilla_pink camilla_details camilla_2 camilla_manshirt camilla_manshirt2 camilla_navy


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Ethnic beauty

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Ethnic groups are probably the greatest source of style inspiration for me. They master the art of “fauxchalance” (I may have just invented that word); the can pull off eclectic fabrics, mixed patterns and vivid colours, all this worn casually.  Here’s a few pictures of my favorite photographers who always focus their work on ethnic finery and lifestyle: Patrick Cariou, Viviane Sassen. You’ll also find just beautiful vintage photos ;) Enjoy!

cariou egypt shirt viviane_1 flora dakar cool white_man bijoux print turban mauve dakar_2



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