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Part 1 DIY Teepee: Poles

I’ve been wanting a tipi (« teepee » or « tepee ») in my backyard since forever, and having finally found some warm weather, it’s safe to start building one without the fear of rainstorms destroying it. Don’t get me wrong, tipis have been built by native americans to last several years throughout the utmost harsh conditions, but my tipi will be a more cost efficient temporary abode. After weeks of research and reading I finally took the initiative in search for the perfect tipi poles. We went out to Mt Hood and pulled off the highway to find a forrest of  beautiful tall skinny trees as well as an abandoned car.  Many trees had fallen over, so we didn’t have to cut any down. Whew!

After hours of debarking, deknotting, whittling, and applying linseed oil (a natural preservative for wood), we ended up with a dozen12ft poles and a dozen wooden tapered lacing pins (used to bind the tipi cover together).

Next step… sewing and setting  up!


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