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Pompoms mania


Seems like pompoms are popping all over my instagram these days, and that’s just fine with me! They are so colourful and happy. No matter what time of the year it is, they add a touch of festivity in the air. Get inspired by the photos below. From garlands, to mobiles or flowers, they are all fairly easy to make and heaps of information can be found online. Happy DIY-ing!

Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0002 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0003 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0010 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0004 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0005 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0006 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0007 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0008 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0009    Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0011 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0012 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0013 Pompoms-mania_BoatPeopleVinatge0014



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