DIY Air freshener

This air freshener's composition couldn't be more simple: baking soda + essential oil. And yes, it does work. In fact, it works surprisingly well. So go ahead and get rid of your chemical air fresheners because this is the only one you'll need. Oh and thanks mother nature too because on the long run, not only your air quality will improve but you'll save money too!

What you need:

- Baking soda
- Essential oil (I used lavender)
- A mason jar + lid
- Thin cardboard (I used acid free watercolor paper)
- A thumbtack or crochet needle
- Scissors
- Paint + paintbrush

Difficulty: 2/5

Start off by tracing the inner portion of your cardboard and cut out the circle.

This is the fun part! Create a design for your lid.

Now use your thumbtack and make holes in the cardboard. Here I followed my initial heart design but you could also make random holes if you don’t feel like following a tedious design or pattern.

Make sure the tack goes through each hole.

Second funnest part! Paint your design.

You might have to re-punch a few holes through the cardboard once the paint dries out.

Paint the lid and let dry.

While everything else dries, create the mix. Fill about 1/4 of the jar with baking soda, then mix with 5-10 droplets of essential oil depending on the size of the room and the strength you’d like to give the concoction.

Close the lid and you’re done! Fun, easy, better for you & the environment and the fragrance can be quickly refreshed with a shake!



  1. Gladys
    10 décembre 2012

    How long does this last?

    • Ari
      10 décembre 2012

      A few months :)

  2. Amoona
    30 mai 2013

  3. Amoona
    30 mai 2013

    i like your works


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