DIY cat tipi

If you are a cat lover like we are at BPV, good are the chances you are going to love this! The cat tipi is a simple DIY project for your sweet kitty. You’ll need one yard of fabric and 5 sticks of wood you can find outside or buy from the hardware store!

Material needed:

-1 yard fabric
-5 sticks of 2″ 1/2 each
-2′ of leather cord
-one safety pin
-one cushion

Ari’s tip!

Before cutting your fabric, measure the length of your structure from the ground to the leather cord, this is the length of the fabric you’ll need :)





  1. graziella
    24 juin 2014

    love these ideas :)

  2. karina
    12 août 2014

    i am sooo making this for my cat! i just hope she likes it! <3

    ps: i love your blog

  3. Stefania
    8 novembre 2014

    Tomorrow I will do this!! Thanks is so amazing!!


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