DIY chained-up tee-shirt

I bought chains at the art store (Omer de Serres) in the DIY jewels department. You can choose your own chain size or color, I picked a brass finish and pretty subtle chain model. You only need to stitch the chain to your garment’s bottom hem and around the sleeves. ..and VOILÀ! :)

Material needed:
- Chain (enough to stitch around the bottom hem and sleeves, it depends of your tee-shirt’s fit)
- Scissor, needle and thread

Difficulty: 1/5

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


  1. Lily
    23 juin 2012

    This is awesome, can’t wait to do one myself. Thx.

  2. Sheer
    20 août 2012

    Hi, can you somehow update this post or upload a photo of the layout of this shirt? I assume it’s a lot like the “box top” DIY but it still looks so interesting i would want to make a one like that myself :)


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