DIY chevron native necklace

A friendship bracelet inspired necklace, using the classic V shaped pattern. If you are really new to friendship bracelets, please check out other tutorials for the basics, because this video shows you the step by step for the necklace creation and not the basic technique.

Material needed:
- 24 pieces of embroidery thread (colors of your choice)
- Large paper clip
- One safety pin
- Scissors

Difficulty: 2/5

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


  1. Ad'
    25 juin 2012

    Hey, super nice necklace, i’m in love with it! But i’m a bit suspicious about the size of your threads… Do you really cut 2 inches threads? It looks like it’s way more!
    Could you please make me sure about that? =)
    And can you tell me what’s the music? It’s such a sunny song!

    • Ari
      25 juin 2012

      it’s feet not inches.. got confused a bit sorry!!!

  2. Lisa M
    20 juin 2013

    I was wondering how do you put the chain on after the finished product?
    Love your videos :)


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