DIY chocker necklace

This is not really a DIY tutorial, but a good way to update an accessory you have at home into a new one. Choker necklaces and statement necklaces are a big part of the style-vibe these days, so when I wrapped my belt around my neck, (I know how weird this may sound), I just thought it looked cool. I used skinny belts I had around and I didn’t have to trim them so it’s a win win, I got a new chocker necklace and kept my belt intact too. There are tons of ways to style this, here are two!

Material needed:
- Skinny belt
- Scissors if needed

Difficulty: ★


  1. sati
    13 mai 2012

    u are so inspiring me…I FUCKING LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEVER give up!!!!

  2. Krys
    23 juillet 2012

    Nice lips


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