DIY convertible zip-off pants

Ari’s tips:

I suggest you use a plastic zipper so it won’t irritate your skin or get stuck in your skin (or hair if you have leg hair lol)

You can finish the hem or leave it raw, but the raw fabric will fray, and this means you’ll have to re-sew it once in a while!

You can do a short or a bermuda, I went for the mid-thigh length which I think is a unique length we don’t see much in fashion these days, which I love. :)


-30-40 cm plastic zippers
-Scissors, thread, pins
-Sewing machine
-Skinny pants



  1. Angie
    14 juillet 2013

    I love this! and your DIY videos. What a fabulous use of the internet. Thanks!

  2. Morgan
    3 avril 2014

    I was surprised at how chic these look! I think I might try it for myself;)


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