DIY cut-out pants

Hope your scissors are tuned because here is another cut-out project :) I started from so baby-corduroy pants I found at the thrift store, and wanted to spice them up a little bit. The process is pretty simple, simply cut a triangle (or the shape you like) out of a cardboard and trace it along your outer pant’s seam. Put a good record on (or a tv series) and cut along. Want to show us your DIY projects? Instragram us #boatpeople :D

Start by tracing a 2,5 cm x 2,5 x 2,5 cm triangle

Then find the middle of the triangle, this will be your reference point to align on the seam.  Stop when you feel it’s high enough

Put your pants inside out and from the bottom hem up, trace the outline of your triangle shape all along the seam

Since you just cut the side stitch in many pieces to make your design, you now need to re-stich your side seam so your pants won’t fall apart :)  Just do a single stitch between all the triangles.

OK GUYS!!!  Read carefully here;  if you DON’T want to have to sew the side seam after you cut your pants, you can.  You just need to align the triangle stencil on each side of the seams instead of OVER the seam.  The pattern will look different, but it’s just another way to do it if you don’t want to sew, or don’t have a sewing machine.

For the final result, I thought it both looked nice with kick and heels, so I styled it with both.  Which one do you prefer?   Hope you like it xo Ari


  1. Amsterdamned
    31 juillet 2012

    Ok so I’m from Amsterdam. And I love your blog.

    I like this and the tee’s diy tutorials a lot.

    I will try to make it at home and will let you know how it work out for me :)

    Kind regards Amsterdamned

  2. schweinie
    24 août 2012

    luv it! so cool!

  3. micaela
    4 septembre 2012

    soy de argentina son geniales tus tutoriales me encantan felicitaciones :D

  4. aliea
    11 novembre 2012

    I love this so much i cant wait to see more

  5. giselle
    23 décembre 2012

    where did you get your necklace?? can you do a DIY on that necklace and of your wired rings their so cute

    • Ari
      7 janvier 2013

      Hi! I did it myself :)

  6. camylle
    26 décembre 2012

    I’m inspired!!!!

  7. Andrea Macaisa
    6 février 2013

    i’ve been looking for DIY blogs for so long! thank god i found you. i really like your blog

  8. Taylor Thomas
    30 août 2013

    I mentioned this project in my blog post coming out September 3rd. It’s a post called Thrifty Ways to Upcycle Clothes for Fall! This project worked perfectly with the theme. Thanks for the great post. The link to the site is:

    Have a great weekend!

  9. AllFreeSewing
    13 septembre 2013

    Loving this! We featured these pants in a blog post on upcycling clothing:

    Keep up the fab work!

  10. EmerJa
    29 mars 2014

    As a DIY maker, I’ve fallen in love with this great tutorial!! :)
    I’m following you right now. Love your blog. I do DIY tutorials on my blog too, it would be a pleasure to receive your opinions.

  11. Dez
    10 août 2014

    This is very cute!


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