DIY ear cuff

We were brainstorming on fun chain accessories to create for our new DIY series, and Esthera came up with this crazy and stylish ear cuff design inspired by Ashaloo‘s creations we featured a few moons ago.

What you need:

-18 gauge metal wire
-beads, pendants or gems
-round pliers and cutters

Buy the material online


  1. rhea
    18 novembre 2012

    This is awesome! I just made two :) One with gold chains and one with dark grey chains, both with little crosses hanging from them.

  2. Emma
    21 novembre 2012

    i made two of them :3
    and i had quite a few complements!
    bonjour à partir amérique!!! :D

  3. Destitute
    3 décembre 2012

    J’ai fait mon premier ce soir, en y ajoutant quelques toutes petites chutes de dentelle, suis très fière! Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto ;)

    • esthera
      5 décembre 2012

      Wow! Super idée la dentelle, on aimerait bien voir! Contente que ça t’ai inspiré :)

  4. Viki
    16 décembre 2012

    Hi! I love your blog (just found it on a rainy and very lazy Sunday :-) !!!

    I will try this, because I have been looking for tutorials on earcuffs. Thank you! I follow you now!

  5. Lola
    15 février 2013

    Awesome soooooooooooooooo cute

  6. SASmith (@web_shopaholic)
    14 mars 2013

    I am a jewelry designer and I can’t find anything wrong or anything to improve on this sexy ear cuff! I learned how to make jewelry by attending classes by Dragonfly Designs ( South San Francisco. They taught me everything I need to learn in jewelry making like copper etching, enameling, stamping and dapping, bead stringing, wire work, resin pendants, finger knitting and hair jewelry! I will definitely do something like these this weekend.

  7. Chasity
    24 juin 2013

    You are so pretty! I also love the chains and the whole idea in general :)


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